Why MirrorVue

Other Mirror TVs
Electrically safe plug in light-up mirror from Saudi Arabia.

12-24 volts. Easy to install and safe to use anywhere.

12-24 volts

Beware from Electrical Hazards reflective panel from Bahrain.

Usually 110-220 volts.

Sleek mirror in cool light mounted on the wall from Abu-Dhabi.

MirrorVue is the thinnest on the market. Being only 1.3" or 33mm thin, it reduces the required space and is visually more appealing.

Extra Thin Mirror TV

Wide mirror installed in between the wall from Riyadh.

Other Mirror TVs are often 1.5" or 40mm or even 2" or 50mm thick.

MirrorVue uses unique silver mirror TV glass which makes the TV very clear when turned on and allows the TV to completely vanish when turned off. With over 15 years of perfecting our mirror glass, we are proud to say that we offer the best on the market.

Real Mirror TV Glass

Usually low quality glass that decreases the visibility of the TV and does not completely vanish the TV when turned off.

Contemporary slim lighted mirror TV in Kuwait.

Our mirror TVs are made with very high quality, corrosion and rust-free mirror glass that shows a beautiful reflection. This makes a MirrorVue a worry-free investment you will enjoy for many years to come.

Rust Proof TV Mirror Glass

Rusty mirror TV on a white wall in Qatar.

Easy to rust over time.

Choose from a wide variety of television sizes.

TV sizes 15.6" up to 100"

Slim mirror TV in three different sizes with a white background in Oman.

Other mirror TVs have limited options available.

Mirror TV screen displayed tall buildings in the city from Sharjah.

Enhance your mirror television experience with cutting-edge OLED technology, available in 55" and 65" sizes.

The Only OLED TV Mirror

A mirror TV screen displays a blurred view of tall buildings in the city of Sharjah.

Not available.

MirrorVue is completely made-to-measure with extreme precision.


Square-shaped glass in three different sizes on a white surface in Bahrain.

Other mirror TVs have limited options available.

Four different custom-shaped mirror TVs in a white space in Abu-Dhabi.

MirrorVue can be made in every shape.

Make in Any Shape

White background with square and circle-shaped mirrors, Riyadh.

Other mirror TVs have limited options available.

A man selects shoes to order on a mirror TV screen in Kuwait.

Available for all TV sizes.

Touchscreen Available

A man pointing to a red x mark on the screen of a mirror TV in Dubai.

Not available or limited to very few sizes.

Mirror TV which displays a girl playing a guitar, features high-quality speakers in Qatar.

Speakers are located on the edges of the mirror for increased audio performance.

High Quality Speakers

Mirror TV has regular speakers and displays a girl playing guitar.

Limited or not located on the edges of the mirror.

MirrorVue has two long wall-mount rails to ensure a well-mounted mirror. Other lighted mirrors often only have a hang construction on the top, which makes the mirror move easily.

Good Wall-Mount

Not Sturdy.

MirrorVue comes with a security film on the back that prevents dangerous, sharp mirror parts from falling on the floor in case the Mirror TV breaks. This makes MirrorVue compliant to be installed in public areas and for professional.

Security Film

Easy to break with no security film.