Where to Use MirrorVue?

Gold bathtub icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black bathtub icon in MirrorVue UAE.Bathroom
Gold bed icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black bed icon in MirrorVue UAE.Bedroom
Gold weight icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black weight icon in MirrorVue UAE.Gym
Gold elevator icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black elevator icon in MirrorVue UAE.Elevator
Gold medical icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black medical icon in MirrorVue UAE.Medical
Gold salon seat icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black salon seat icon in MIrrorVue UAE.Salon
Gold store icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black store icon in MirrorVue UAE.Store
Gold restaurant icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black restaurant icon in MirrorVue UAE.Restaurants
Gold restaurant icon in MirrorVue UAE. Black kitchen icon in MirrorVue UAE.Kitchen
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Mirror TV installed next to a white soaking tub with dim lights on the side shelves in Oman.
Extended mirror TV shows a newscaster man on a brown wall above the sink in Oman.
Mirror TV with wooden frame shows a woman doing makeup set on a white wall with a basin in Ajman.
A cheerful woman newscaster in a lighted mirror TV above the single sink in Kuwait.
A mirror TV displays colorful fish and coral reefs above a double-cabinet sink in Dubai.
Extraordinary mirror TV on a wooden wall next to chairs and bookshelves in Bahrain.
Mirror TV set between the wooden shelves in a bedroom with a glass window in Oman.
Full-length backlit mirror TV with a wooden sideboard countertop cabinet and gray couch in Dubai.
Frameless mirror TV showing a wine glass above a fireplace next to the two comfy chairs in Sharjah.
A wooden wall with a mirror TV next to a cream-colored couch in a bedroom in Dubai.
Full-length mirror TV above a porcelain basin and a white lampshade on the left side in Al-Ain.
Hotel room with a wall-mounted tinted mirror TV and white minimalist table in Ajman.
Fitness equipment in a room with a perfect mirror TV for a workout place in Bahrain.
Spacious Yoga studio with a full-length mirror TV displays a woman doing Asana in Oman.
Reflection of a woman holding a dumbbell while looking at the mirror TV screen portraying a man.
A joyful woman points the CrossFit on the screen of a mirror TV in Kuwait.
A woman is looking at today's special dish on the mirror TV screen on the elevator in Dubai.
High-end elevator with a mirror TV screen inside showing a delicious steak dish in Sharjah.
Mirror TV with comfy black seats next to cosmetic shelves and hanging lamps in Qatar.
A custom mirror TV set in a classy salon in Sharjah displays a woman doing her golden hair.
Mirror TV on the wall of a medical center with two people walking in the hallway in Riyadh.
A man on a phone reflects in a mirror TV shows a boy adjusting his tie on the screen in Oman.
Mirror TV in a boutique with two standing mannequins at the side in Ajman.
Clothing store with a unique mirror TV displaying a man and boutique logo.
A jewelry shop with a sole mirror TV displays a sweet couple and the store logo in Kuwait.
A full-length mirror TV portrays a busy city in a conference room in Bahrain.
3D model of a Peninsula Residence with a wide mirror TV in Kuwait.
Conference room with an oval-shaped table at the center and a unique mirror TV in Qatar.
A restaurant with wooden chairs and a mirror TV shows basketball players on its screen in Ajman.
Full-length tinted mirror TV shows a salmon fillet on the screen in a classy kitchen in Riyadh.
Kitchen cabinet with a mirror TV and tomatoes on a wooden bowl over a countertop in Dubai.

MirrorVue is the ideal mirror TV, offering full customization to meet the specific needs of each customer. It integrates flawlessly into any room, whether it's a humid bathroom or an office setting. Your MirrorVue mirror TV is sure to enhance any interior.

MirrorVue has been the exclusive provider of mirror TVs for numerous projects across a variety of industries and settings. From residential bathrooms to luxury hotels, gyms, offices, and universities, our mirror TVs seamlessly integrate into any environment in which they are installed.

MirrorVue has redefined luxury and entertainment in the hospitality industry. Our Mirror TVs offer guests an unparalleled entertainment experience, combining the excellence of a 4K OLED TV with the elegance of a high-quality mirror. This innovative mirror TV is sure to leave guests in awe, setting a new benchmark for in-room entertainment.

Experience MirrorVue, a stunning 4K OLED TV when on, a beautiful mirror when off.